• MA English, University of Denver (Denver, CO), 1980. Thesis: Virginia Rain: Poems and Translations.
  • BA English (also completed all requirements for Chemistry), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Blacksburg, VA), 1978

Experience in Japan

Ten years teaching, primarily at Colleges in the Tohoku Region of Japan. Work involved lecturing in Japanese and participating in meetings as well as interpreting and translating. (I continue to visit Japan to attend conferences and meetings and to meet with clients.)

Employment in Japan

  • 1988 - 1991 Hirosaki Gakuin College, Associate Professor, Department of English and American Literature
  • 1981 - 1986 Morioka College, Lecturer, Associate Professor, Department of English and American Literature
  • 1980 - 1981 Kanda Gaigo Gakuin, Instructor of English
  • Part-time instructorships at Tohoku University and Tohoku Gakuin University while in Morioka

Memberships in Professional Organizations

  • American Translators Association (Japanese Language Division, Language Technology Division, Science and Technology Division)
  • Japan Association of Translators (Director, Vice President, Webmaster)
  • Japan Society of Comparative Culture
  • Previous memberships include, the Thoreau Society of Japan, American Literature Society of Japan and other academic societies related to literature.


Primary fields include chemistry, pharmaceuticals and chemical related documentation. In addition, I have translated numerous works on computer hardware and software, electronics, lasers, semiconductors, microdevices, micromachines, robotics, automotive technology, home appliances, environmental technology, microbiology, biotechnology, biochemistry, heavy equipment, power production systems, space technology, aviation, nuclear technology, superconductors, telecommunications, particle accelerators, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, etc., for various agencies and direct clients, as well as lengthy government documents, pamphlets, papers, manuals, letters, registries, game software content and web pages, technical and general.

Patent translation: approximately 60% of the translations I currently do are patent related. I have experience over a broad range of patent material including most of the fields above. Patent areas include chemistry, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, electronics (semiconductors, electro-optical materials, lasers, communications equipment, etc.), biotechnology, biochemistry, material science, power, home appliances, biology, microbiology, energy and environmental materials, micromachines, robotics and telecommunications. I have also done a substantial amount of work for law firms on technical documentation related to litigation, including in-house work at firms.

Patent related translation: documentation related to patents, such as prior art documents, office actions, correspondence among attorneys, inventors and other parties involved in the filing, research and litigation processes for patents.

Academic and commercial technical translation: I also translate research and commercial documents in the fields above.

booksJapanese to English, book and pamphlet length translations

  • "Hand Prints in the Rocks," Iwate Folktale, published privately by Morioka College. Co‑translated with Mizue Takahashi, 1984.
  • "Not Beaten By Rain," poem by Kenji Miyazawa, for commemorative plaque, 1984.
  • Introduction to Fine Ceramics: Applications in Engineering, by Noboru Ichinose, John Wiley & Sons: Chinchester, New York, etc., 1987. With Kiezo Hisatake.
  • Compact Disc Technology, by Heitaro Nakajima, et al., Ohmsha, Ltd.: Tokyo, 1992
  • Fuzzy Systems Theory and Applications: A Practical Approach, by Toshiro Terano et al., Academic Press: San Diego, 1992
  • Applied Fuzzy Systems, by Toshiro Terano, et al., AP Professional: Boston, 1994
  • Cognitive Information Processing Junichi Amari, general editor Neuroscience and Technology Series, by Ikuo Tahara, Ohmsha: Tokyo/IOS Press: Washington, D.C., 1994
  • Speech Hearing and Neural Networks Junichi Amari, general editor Neuroscience and Technology Series, by Seiichi Nakagawa et al., Ohmsha: Tokyo/IOS Press: Washington, D.C., 1995
  • Fuzzy Systems for Management by Kiyoji Asai et al., Ohmsha: Tokyo/IOS Press: Washington, D.C., 1995
  • Fuzzy Information Processing by Kiyoji Asai et al., Tokyo/IOS Press: Washington, D.C., 1997
  • Visual and Aural Information Science, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (Eiji Yodogawa et al.), private, 1998
  • World War II memoir, published privately, 2008

I have also done English to Japanese translation in many of the above fields in cooperation with my wife Naoko Aschmann and other native Japanese translators. English to Japanese translations include a special emphasis on law, medical, pharmaceutical, statistics, software and software manuals, computers, engineering, etc.